Our Fundraising Campaign

St. Thomas Stars U13C

St. Thomas, Ontario

Freezer Top Up

Fundraising Campaign ID: c2216

Let's top up our freezers. No pressure at all!

Our Fundraising Goal: $ 2,300.00 CAD

Campaign Start Date: 02/01/2024
Campaign End Date: 02/10/2024

Campaign Coordinator: Tammy Neal

Phone: 519-878-9250
Email: tammyneal@rogers.com

Payment Methods Accepted

The Fundraising Campaign Coordinator will accept the following methods of payment for the products you ordered:

Email Address for E-Transfer: joshtammyneal@rogers.com

Product Payment Information:

It's up to you and the Campaign Coordinator to arrange payment prior to or on the day of pickup.

Product Pickup Information:

Pickup Location:
Joe Thornton Community Centre
75 Caso Crossing
St. Thomas Ontario N5R 0A7
Date of Pickup: 02/28/2024
Please note: You should confirm the pickup date, time and location prior to pickup with the Campaign Coordinator listed above as it may be subject to change.
This Fundraising Campaign has either not yet started or has ended. Please check the start / end dates in the Fundraising Campaign info. Thank you for your support!