Order Consolidation Sheet Updates

It’s crucial for you to have a clear overview of your campaign’s progress, including the number of orders received, current total sales, the leading Seller, and most importantly, the total Fundraising Profit earned. This information is readily accessible throughout the campaign, as well as at its conclusion. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access it:

  1. Navigate to the “My Account” section after you have logged in by clicking on either your name at the top or the “My Account” link at the bottom of the homepage.
  2. Navigate to the left menu and select “My Orders” and then click the “My Current Campaign Orders” button. You’ll find your ongoing Campaign listed there, along with some essential details about it.
  3. Click on the “Generate Order Consolidation Sheet”.
  4. A report will be automatically generated in PDF format and downloaded to your device (be it a computer, tablet, or phone).

The report provides a comprehensive view of your current Campaign. It categorizes all orders by “Seller” and lists individual order details. Additionally, you’ll find running totals for items like the number of boxes sold and total funds raised per Seller, along with checkboxes to track payment status.

EDIT 2023-11-09: The report now includes a summary of all products sold BY SELLER and adds a page break after. This allows you to easy distribute a report to each individual seller which includes all their orders and totals.

Towards the bottom, you’ll find two summaries: the “Products Ordered Summary” and the “Fundraising Campaign Summary”. The former gives you a total count of boxes for each product ordered, along with a “Received” checkbox to track delivery acceptance.

The latter contains comprehensive information about your Campaign, including a summary of Campaign Sales and Profits. This is where you can see the total funds raised, earnings from sales, any bonus earnings, and most importantly, your Total Fundraising Profit.

Remember, you have the flexibility to generate this report at any point during your campaign to stay updated on your progress, as well as at the end to review the final outcomes.