How to Place Your Final Consolidated Order

Your Fundraising Campaign has successfully concluded and you have received all orders from your supporters. Let’s go over the two sections in My Account > My Orders > My Current Campaign Orders

My Current Campaign Orders:

This section provides basic details about your Campaign and the orders you’ve collected. The two important buttons here are “Add All Orders to Cart” and “Generate Order Consolidation Sheet”. We’ve discussed the latter already. The former, “Add All Orders to Cart”, consolidates all the orders into your cart, effectively making them your order under your name and your Fundraising Organization. Please note an important detail:

When you use this action, it replaces anything currently in your cart. If you had items in your cart before, they will be replaced by the orders you’re adding.

Once you’ve added the orders, review your cart to ensure everything looks correct. You can also adjust quantities if needed. Then proceed to CHECKOUT. I’ll touch on what happens during the checkout process shortly.

Orders from Campaign Supporters:

This section allows you to selectively view and add orders to your cart in case there are any issues with specific orders listed here. Simply check the orders you want to add and click “Add Selected Orders to Cart”. This action, like the previous one, will replace the contents of your cart with the selected orders. You can also use the top or bottom box to “Select All” and then deselect if necessary. Review your cart to ensure everything is in order, and if so, proceed to CHECKOUT.

If you’re confident that all the listed orders are legitimate, you may not need to use this section. Instead, you can utilize the “Add All Orders to Cart” button in the top section. However, you can still quickly view and print individual order details by clicking the “View Order” button.

Checking Out:

When you place your Consolidated Order, it will be submitted to our Fundraising Team for approval to ensure we have all the products you ordered. You will receive an email confirmation with all the details of your Consolidated Order.

Your order will then go through a series of Status Updates. You’ll receive email notifications for each update, including “Approved” if all the products are available, a “Request to Pay” where you’ll arrange payment to JD Sweid Foods, confirmation of the “Shipping Location, Date and Time”, notification when the order has been “Shipped” and is on its way, and finally “Delivered” once we confirm you’ve received it.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to let us know!