Order Consolidation Sheet Updates

Order Consolidation Sheet Updates It’s crucial for you to have a clear overview of your campaign’s progress, including the number of orders received, current total sales, the leading Seller, and most importantly, the total Fundraising Profit earned. This information is readily accessible throughout the campaign, as well as at its conclusion. Here’s a step-by-step guide…

How to Place Your Final Consolidated Order

How to Place Your Final Consolidated Order Your Fundraising Campaign has successfully concluded and you have received all orders from your supporters. Let’s go over the two sections in My Account > My Orders > My Current Campaign Orders My Current Campaign Orders: This section provides basic details about your Campaign and the orders you’ve…

Tips for Placing Orders

Tips for Placing Orders The process for your Supporters to place orders for your Fundraising Campaign is straightforward. They click the provided link, which takes them to your Campaign Landing Page. From there, they click the “Support this Campaign” button and are directed to the JD Sweid Foods product selection. It’s a familiar online shopping…

Edit Your Fundraising Campaign Information

Edit Your Fundraising Campaign Information You now have the ability to edit your Fundraising Campaign information BEFORE your Campaign is officially underway. If you’ve created a Campaign and the Start Date is AFTER the current date (i.e. It starts sometime in the future), it will be displayed in the left menu under “My Upcoming Campaigns”….

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